Zhaoqing Marshal Ceramics Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as Marshal-ceramics) was founded in 2003,headquartered in Foshan,Guangdong Province,the ceramic capital of South China.It is a modern large-scale ceramic enterprise integrating production,design,research and development,marketing and service.It has introduced "Marshal Ceramics","Verve Tiles","Chang'an Tiles","Greenapple Tiles","punctual tiles"and other products of five styles of ceramic tile brand.

Brand mission

General ceramics to "pragmatic style,efficient team,forward-looking strategy,advanced technology"as the core competitiveness,to "customer-oriented,excellence"as the corporate strategic concept...

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Brand mission

In January 2018,marshal enterprise chairman was selected as "the ten largest contributor to China ceramic industry".

In January 2018,marshal enterprise was awarded the honorary title of "the ten largest brand of Chinese household".

In January 2018,marshal enterprise chairman was awarded the title of "annual real estate industry chain innovation figure".

In January 2017,as the only representative of Jiantao,marshal Enterprise was invited to attend the 13th China Real Estate Economic Mainstream Summit Forum.

In 2017 03,it won the thirteenth annual outstanding product of ceramic industry.

In the 03 month of 2017,the great army ceramic was awarded the "designer's favorite brand of the year 2016"award.

In June 2017,marshal Ceramics was awarded "China 500 Most Valuable Brand"with a brand value of 6.055 billion yuan and Chang'an Ceramics was awarded "China 500 Most Valuable Brand"with a brand value of 4.276 billion yuan.

In 2017 09,the marshal enterprise reclaimed the title of "Foshan ceramic (comprehensive) ten strong enterprises".

In October 2017,marshal enterprise launched "D2"helping action,one to one,point to point,and terminal customers Implementation of specific assistance plan actions;

In October 2017,the Grand Army ceramic was awarded the honorary title of "designer trust brand".

The new headquarters building of marshal enterprise opened in December 2017 to enhance the brand and image of the company.

In 2016 03,30 marble tiles were awarded the national patent.

In 2016,03 months,the marble tile was awarded the "Twelfth outstanding ceramic products".

In 2016 04,Vietnam's marshal army ceramic marble ceramic tile tasting meeting was held successfully.

In June 2016,marshal Ceramics was awarded the "China 500 Most Valuable Brand"with a brand value of 4.962 billion yuan.

In August 2016,marshal Enterprise won the title of "Top Ten Foshan Ceramics (Comprehensive) Enterprises"and "Top Ten Foshan Ceramics (Marble Ceramics) Enterprises".

In 2016 09,the "marshal power"designer's marble tile appraisal exchange was successfully held.

In December 2016,marshal Enterprise won the title of "Top Ten Chinese Ceramics Enterprises"and "Top Ten Chinese Marble Ceramics Enterprises".

In 2015 03,it won the title of the eleventh annual outstanding product of China ceramic industry.

In April 2015,marshal Ceramics and Chang'an ceramic tiles landed on 14 major international airports in China.

In 2015 04,it won the fourth China Ceramic list "ceramic ten big brands"award.

In June 2015,marshal Ceramics of China Central Television (CCTV-1) and CCTV-7 Military Agriculture Channel landed on CCTV-1.

In 2015,nearly two thousand acres of Yangchun New Ceramic Industrial Park in 09 months broke the ground.

In 2014 04,it was awarded the title of "the top ten ceramic enterprises".

In 2014 05,we will work together to promote the promotion of terminal promotions.

In 2014 07,covering nearly two thousand acres,"marshal enterprise Yangchun Industrial Park project"formally signed.

In 2013 03,it won the ninth annual outstanding product of China's ceramic industry.

In 2011 04,it won the "ten brands of ceramics"and "ten brands of porcelain tiles".

In December 2010,the brand of "green apple tiles"was launched.

In March 2009,Liu Chaoyang,chairman of marshal Enterprise,was named the 5th China Ceramics Industry Top Person of the Year.

In 2008 09,it won the 3C China national compulsory product certification.

In December 2006,the company was elected executive director of Zhaoqing Ceramic Industry Association.

In 2005 01,it won the title of "China's first annual outstanding and innovative enterprise".

In 2005 05,the "Changan tile"brand was launched.

In 2004 09,it was awarded ISO9001:2000 certification and ISO14025 international environmental standard product evaluation certificate.

In October 2004,it was awarded the title of green building materials and the certificate of radioactivity inspection for building materials.

In November 2004,the brand of "magic tiles"was launched.

In 2003 07,Zhaoqing marshal Ceramics Co.,Ltd.was established.

In November 2003,"major marshal ceramics"appeared in the market.

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